Corporate Events Balloons Houston TX​

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    Balloon Garlands for Corporate Events Houston

    As the premier balloon decorator service in Houston, Texas, we at HTX Balloon Design enjoy serving local businesses and corporations that have found home in the area alike. From corporate event balloon decorations to balloon drops at business celebrations, we are here to meet the needs of Houston’s businesses. ​

    We are the experts who are ready to create colorful, eye-catching, and classy designs to spice up your next corporate event. Our balloon garlands for corporate events wow attendees and make a lasting positive impression, which will only help you retain customers and have loyal employees. 

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    Grand Openings, and Grand Entrance Balloon Arches and Columns

    Because our designs are customizable, businesses can choose their colors and any wording or messages they want to be displayed on the balloons! Our specialty includes grand opening balloons such as grand entrance balloon arches or balloon columns. We also do balloon garlands for corporate events that can be made and installed by us for your next event. Have a big announcement or moment of celebration at your next event? Call us and we can create an epic balloon drop at your venue. Nothing says celebration like colorful balloons floating down from the ceiling. ​

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    Balloon Centerpieces Corporate Events Houston

    We can create beautiful balloon centerpieces in your business’s colors and create balloon bouquets to enhance the venue you choose. Balloons are the perfect choice for decorations at corporate events because of the way they can be tailored to match the aesthetic of the venue, business, or clientele. We love working with local businesses to make their events and grand openings shine!

    Don’t let your grand opening or event fall flat and lose business. Our balloon designs will draw in customers and the attention that you want. We want to make sure that your grand opening goes off without a hitch, so we work with you and use the best possible materials in our balloon designs to deliver a fantastic product. We even install our balloon designs for you so that you can focus on the rest of the event planning and let us take care of making it beautiful and eye-catching!

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