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    From our ability to customize your balloon decoration designs to our delivery and installation services to the quality materials we are dedicated to using, we are the best option for you. We are proud to serve the great city of Houston, Texas and making balloon decor for its residents and the residents of the nearby community is our pride and joy. We are dedicated to making every event, gathering, and party in the area chic and decorative with our balloon designs. 

    We are committed to using high quality, 100% biodegradable latex balloons for our designs. We also offer mylar foil balloons. Despite the difficulties presented by the Houston heat, we do our best to extend the lifespan of your balloon designs. While we can’t prevent any popping or damage the Texas heat (or any of the other elements) may cause, we do coat our latex balloons in a glue that extends the lifespan of the balloons from 18 to up to 48 hours, and sometimes even longer. In the right conditions, our balloon decorations can last weeks or longer! 

    The guaranteed high quality of our balloons is a crucial part of our commitment to giving our customers the best designs and the best product. The members of the Houston, Texas community deserve the best materials, options and designs we have to offer. HTX Balloon Decoration gives you more options and better quality than any other balloon decorator you can find.

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    Why Balloon Decorations?

    Balloons are a unique way to spread joy and celebrate your milestone, event, or party. Balloons are bound to strike up conversations, spread joy, and be eye-catching pieces of decor that will delight party-goers and event guests alike. Not only are balloons a colorful way to decorate the space for your occasion, but they are an undeniable indicator of a celebration. Don’t opt for sad flowers that wilt once you get them to the event space. Don’t waste money on plastic centerpieces or paper decorations that will only bore your family, friends, or attendees. Be sure to choose balloons for your next event or party!

    Balloons are the best option to decorate any event or party. Need to impress employees or have a corporate opening? Balloons make a great impression at professional events, and of course grand openings. Have a graduate in the family? Balloons with school colors are a huge hit come graduation season. From weddings to christenings to other religious celebrations, balloons can set the tone for the joyous occasion. 

    Whether your event is in an indoor or outdoor space, balloons are a great way to make a big impact. You can choose a large balloon arch or smaller balloon centerpieces, whatever will make your event pop! 

    And of course, we can’t leave out the classic birthday balloons! What says happy birthday more than a bouquet of balloons or a balloon garland at your loved ones birthday celebration. Make that special person feel appreciated by purchasing one of our designs to help celebrate! Balloons are a quintessential part of how we imagine a birthday celebration, so don’t stop at just buying a cake and a present. You can customize the balloons to your loved one’s favorite colors or even get a sweet message printed on them. And don’t stop there! You can even choose a big balloon arch to act as a dramatic entryway for the guest of honor and make them feel special.

    If you want to get a quote or are curious about balloon decoration cost, find out today by calling us for a free quote on your next bouquet of birthday balloons!